Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thinking of you


It's the annoying Aunt again...

I am pretty sure that today 3 years ago we were celebrating your life in your church. I could be a day or 2 off but I just wanted to let you know that I am still thinking of you:)

It is ironic that I was watching "Glee" last night (It's a show about show choir which I am pretty sure you would have been involved in with Mrs. Zedlitz). Anyways, the ironic part...Sue Sylvester the cheerleading coach (which you would have done too to be just like your favorite Aunite) found out she was pregnant with a girl that may have Down's Syndrome. That part in the show made me smile and the reason there were no tears is because to me you would have to be lucky to have a baby with Down's Syndrome just like you. Sue Sylvester hugged one of her cheerleaders, Becky because she also has Down's. Becky told Sue the only advice she had was for Sue to be "Patient!"
Becky and Sue

Popeye always told us that "we wouldn't be very good Doctors, because we didn't have any "Patients." <--Play on words.

Continue to watch over our family and friends!
Benzen will be here before we know it and we know you will be watching :)
We love and Miss you Remington!
Auntie Ashey

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