Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, what can I say that Popeye and Grandma Suemom haven't said already. Not much really changed today. We do have a new PICU doctor and the cardiologist and Nephrologist are back from vacation. So we are now trying some new "techniques". Most are just messing with the levels of medicines Remi is already getting. If these techniques do not work we may need to get dialysis in Cincy. We did have a problem this morning. Remi is getting so swollen that her IV's are almost like being forced out of her body. She used to have 2 central IV lines and 1 artery line. We lost the 1 art line. They say it served its purpose and was no longer needed. I think they just say that when things don't go as planned.
I can't even tell each and every one of you how much you all mean to us. What all of you are doing is above and beyond any expectations. I love reading everybody's comments. It takes our minds away from our troubles, even if it's just for a second. It's amazing how far and wide that this blog has followers. Not just Ohio and Michigan but Florida, California, Washington, Texas, and many more. Again, I am so proud to be Remi's daddy. Think of it this way, if you helped raise me, teach me, coached me, cut my hair, or are a family member or friend (whether you want to admit it or not) you can be rest assured I have passed that on to Remi. Or as much as I could in 3 weeks. With that said, you can all be proud.
Keep up the thoughts and prayers. They do not fall on deaf ears. By the way, the above picture is Remi in our front window when we tried to clear up her jaundice with good old home remedy sunlight.
Lastly, I think a couple lines from the Plain White T's song "Hey there Delilah" are so true for Remi. They are.....Delilah(Remi) I can promise you that by the time we get through, the world will never ever be the same. And, your to blame.

Good Morrow,


  1. To our incredibly strong niece, Ben and Amy,

    We have tried to put into words many times what you all mean to us. We have walked out of Remi's hospital room a million times now wishing we could say something to make this better or take the pain away and for once we are speechless. We watch you and Amy sit with Remi with such Pride and Love and we realize there are no words. Since I am in the category of "raising you" I have tried my whole life to protect you and "raise" you right I know I can't protect you from this but I can see what a truly great man and now father you have become. Amy and you have given our boys such love, support and guidance and we can only hope they grow up to be as strong as you.
    Our prayers are with you..
    Love, Unlce Joe, Aunt Lori, Isaiah and Landon

  2. Rems,
    I haven't stopped thinking and praying for Remy, You, Amy and all of the rest of your family. You are absolutely right in saying, she has touched us all already, and we've never met. I know this little girls daddy, and he is a fighter, I know this little girls mommy, and she's punched me in the face, so I know that Remy is a fighter, and I cannot wait to meet her. I will be home next week and I will stop by to lay eyes on the Miracle you call Remy. I hope one day to feel the love for someone that I can see you have for this little Beauty. I will continue to think of you all, and pray for you all, and I will see you very soon. Be Strong, and take it one day at a time.
    With Love,

  3. Amy & Ben - If it takes coming to Cincinnati I hope you know you have family here too. We will do anything we can for you and Remi. We are thinking about her every day. Love, Adrie & Ryan

  4. Morning Remers.
    Thinking of you all....

  5. Amy and Ben-

    We continue to pray for you and Remi, we know that she is a fighter! If you are coming to Cincinnati I echo Ryan and Adrienne's thoughts, our house is your house, you are welcome at any time and we have plenty of space. Love and prayers

  6. Ben and Amy,
    Stay strong. Remi is a Remer.....and that means strong and tough. Ben, I have no credit in raising you but am so proud to say I know you. You are an incredible person. Remi is so lucky to have you as her daddy.
    Karen Kasper

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  8. Hi Ben and Amy ,sending hugs to you two and a thousand kisses to your beautiful baby girl. You all are so very special to us and we are asking God to guide your doctors so they can help Remi. Hope this is a good day...
    Love , Marty and Dick

  9. Ben and Amy,
    I just wanted to let everyone know you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Even my mom and family in Cleveland pray daily for you and your family. It's crazy what the power of prayer can do. I just want to give you my support, love and prayers. The only thing you can do is stay strong and have faith. God Bless Remi and her entire family!!
    *Jen (and Billy Witt ofcourse)
    -She is so beautiful~She is truly an angel.

  10. Ben, Amy & Remi-

    Thank you for keeping us posted on Remi's progress. I think about all of you constantly. You are all so strong! Remi is such a little sweetie pie...and Amy, I am still all about the GIRL POWER! Girl's rule. Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do for you & yours. Love you guys!

    Jordan, Jeff, & Sophie Alfieri