Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank You

Thank you all for your comments and words of encouragement. Thank you to those who attended the funeral, donated to "R" Angel, and sent gifts and cards. We really appreciate everything. It's been very hard, but we are dealing with everything the best we know how. We don't understand why this happened, but we will continue to pray for strength through it all. We know this is God's plan, but it's still hard to understand. We know she will never be forgotten and we hope to keep her spirit alive through "R" Angel. We plan to use the money to take meals up to the hospital for families of children in the hospital and baskets of supplies they may need, such as shampoo/conditioner/soap/etc. We were so grateful for people bringing us these things when we were staying at the hospital, but we noticed that no one else seemed to have the amazing friends and family that we did and they didn't have the support that we had. So, we want to try and give them that support. We also want to get involved with the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Toledo and work with them to help families of children with Down syndrome as well. Thanks again to everyone! Please feel free to make a comment just so we know that you are still reading this blog.

Good Morrow,
Ben & Amy

P.S. We thought Remi looked like an angel when we took this picture. Little did we know, she was an angel!


  1. She was truly a miracle. I am glad that I got to know her...if only through this blog. Love you both! Adrienne

  2. She is the most beautiful Angel i have ever seen!!!! She will be with you always!!! Stay strong!!! We all continue to pray for you guys here at Dr. Gladieux's office!!!

  3. Ben and Amy-
    I am so sorry I wasn't able to attend the "celebration" for Remi. You were all in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad your taking action to help others. It's very difficult for anyone to go through such a thing but could you imagine not having the support of your family and friends!?! Things like this make you realize what life is all about. I wish you both luck throughout all this and if there is anything I can do please ask!!
    God Bless,
    * Billy also sends his love*

  4. Ben and Amy,

    Words cannot express how sad I am for the two of you, but I look at the wonderful things you are doing in her memory and what a blessing and tribute that is to Remi. We don't always understand why God allows bad things to happen to good people, but his word says in Isaiah 55:8 "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord. It doesn't make sense, I know, we had a 3-month-old daughter that passed sway and I can tell you we still feel the pain, but I have held onto the truth that God's ways are better. I don't like his ways sometimes, but I do Trust and believe his ways are better than mine. I didn't like when people told us God placed her with us because he knew we would love her until she passed, but I have comfort now (3 years later) in knowing that we were by her side every second of every day and I know she felt our love. The same with the two of you. God could not have given her two better parents. She was blessed to have you both as you were blessed to have her. Your pain will never go away and you will never forget her, but God does say "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." When you feel like you cannot take anymore go to God and ask for rest knowing his ways are best! Remi will live on by all the good you are doing in her honor. That is a blessing and Remi will be known by so many others because of the tribute you are both providing in her memory.

    There is a poem that says "Love does not die, but people do, so when all that is left of me is love, give me away" Your love for Remi will never die and by having her live on you are giving more to her than most people ever will.

    Again, I am so, so sorry for your loss, your pain, your questions, your hurt, but I do know this was God's plan, as it was for our daughter, Tyna, and with God right beside you and friends and family, you will get through this, sometimes one second at a time. Try to focus on the wonderful moments with her and the love that she felt from you! The three of you were very lucky to share those precious moments with each other.

    We are praying daily for all of you.


    Love, Joni and Jamie

  5. Ben and Amy,

    You are in my heart, thought, and prayers. Remi will never be forgotten.

    With love,
    Tom and Jessica Smith

  6. Ben & Amy,
    Still thinking of you all. Remi had a very large impact on my life and opened my eyes to a new world of love that I can't wait to experience. She couldn't have gotten better parents, and I'm certain that was all part of Gods plan. There will be many families that will have the benefit of "R" Angel that otherwise wouldn't have that sort of support.

    Keep the Faith.
    Trav Briner

  7. Ben & Amy,

    You have to be one of the strongest couples I know, to have gone through all that you have. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Remi was so blessed to have had all the love and support from you and your families. As we all feel blessed to have been touched by such an angel, even if we didn't have the privilege of meeting her. And her work is not done yet. Remi's memory will live on forever in the hearts that she has impacted and also to those families who will benefit from "R" Angel. Thank you so much for sharing her story on this blog.

    God's Blessings and Love,
    Abby K