Thursday, April 30, 2009

Letter from Heaven

We got this email from my sister Jackie shortly after my little Remsicle (as I liked to call her) went to Heaven. I love reading it b/c it brings me some comfort. It was read at Remi's funeral but it was suggested that I share it with those of you who couldn't be there. So, here it is. - Amy

I guess remi wanted to write a letter to her mom and dad. she woke me up at 2am, hours after her arrival in heaven, and here's what flowed onto my paper...
Hi Mom and Dad. What a crazy tug-of-war this has been - God pulling me to come up here and the two of you so desperately wanting me to stay down there with you. It was so hard leaving the two of you - seeing how much you love me, how committed you were to me despite the challenges I would have had. The way you held me, comforted me, and took care of me was more than any baby could ever ask for...and what's up with the rest of the family and all those friends :)?! I can't believe how they all gathered and waited and doted over me for the last few weeks! and after that "arrival party" at my birth, with all those cameras flashing, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be a rock star or an angel! Well, I don't need to tell you the answer to that question. Please don't be too sad about me having to leave. You know, I was always meant to be one of God's very special angels. You can't imagine how wonderful it is up here. Upon my arrival, God gave me the most glorious hug - I felt so safe, so peaceful, so loved, so special. And you know, God wants you to know that it takes two very special people to make a special angel like me. He says "thank you" for what you have done. Well, like they say - back to work. I'm going to be very busy watching over all of you. I love you, and I'll see you again someday soon - but not too soon! There are a lot of wonderful things in store for you.
Love you so much,
Your Remsicle

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  1. Ok that was so sweet it made me cry. I also have a daughter with Down Syndrome and I love that letter.