Saturday, April 4, 2009

Captains Log: 4/4/09

Can you...

Listen to her heartbeat
and not just melt?

See her smile
and tell us she's not an angel?

Stare into her beautiful eyes
and not drift away?

Feel her skin
and not dream of the woman she will become?

Hold her in your arms
and ever doubt there's a God?

Smell her cheeks
and not instantly fall in love?

Look at her
and tell us she's not perfect?

Ask for anything more?

We didn't think so.

Author: Ben Remer


  1. Saying prayers for Remi and your family!

  2. She is so beautiful Ben and Amy. I pray for you constantly, every day, all day. All of you are always on my mind, and I ask God to take care of you, as we know He has thus far. We will continue to pray and ask God to please heal little Remi. Love to all, Cindy and Tom
    Phil. 4:13

  3. Amy, Ben and Remi-
    You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Our hearts go out to you and your family. We'll keep praying for you!
    Dan, Brenda (Meter), Jakob & Evan Hogrefe

  4. My Dearest Ben, Amy, and precious Remi,
    I think of you daily.... and wonder what trials each day brings. I have added Remi to every prayer chain I know of. I love seeing Remi through your eyes been. Who knew you were such a great writer.
    Love and Prayers to you all!
    Mrs. E ( Chris Elliott)

  5. Ben and Amy,
    You have a beautiful daughter. We are keeping you in our thoughts and our prayers.
    Tom and Jessica Smith

  6. Ben and Amy,
    You have a beautiful daughter! Ronda Miller has been keeping be posted on little Remi. I have a pryer chain started here at work in Columbus for little Remi. Just know that all of you are in our prayers.
    Amelia Bickel