Thursday, April 2, 2009

Others Thoughts

I have gotten some notes, letters, poems, and prayers sent to me so I thought I would share them for everyone to read. Please post anything you think will be helpful to any of us...

I write this to you because I want you to know that everyone around you can see just how strong you are. You may have always been that big bad Ben Remer to me, the one who could hit anyone on that football field, the one that could take down anyone on that wrestling mat. Looking back on those times I thought you may have been one of the toughest people I knew. Well I was right and it isn't those touchdowns and pins that now makes me realize it. It is the past 7 months, and the past 2 weeks that really makes me look up to you. I know for as long as you live you will continue to show the world how strong you are. I want you and Amy to know that whatever you need I am here by your side, whether it be a date night to get away, or in the near future, just some time to catch up on some sleep. I know you promise to be the best dad you can be, and knowing you, you will keep that promise. Sorry I didn't put any rhyming words in there, I will leave that to you.
Love you both,

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