Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Remi update April 1 Midnight

Remi's kidney's have not kicked in yet after surgey last Thursday and Friday to try to correct a problem in her little colon. Ben and Amy are in her room with her day and night. She has support from many family members and friends who visit very regular. She was only home 3 days and then back to the hospital. She is in very critical condition but already baffled some the most experienced Pediatric Cardiologists and Surgeons with her ability to fight through this. Dr's believe if her kidney's would begin to function she could begin her recovery. Her blood count and blood gasses are OK. Her heart and lungs remain strong.

In her short time with us she has already made a big difference in our lives. So today's assignment is to help us pray for pee...

Popeye (Grandpa Mike) Ask Ashley how I got that name.

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